Looking for an alternative to cPanel?

Between a control panel that has been around for more than 20 years and another one that is not even 3 years old, choosing a control panel that is suitable for you may not be so hard once you take a look at the points below.


RunCloud offers a dashboard that gives more control to the PHP web developers, server administrators or power users during deployment and for when managing the servers or websites. Other plus points are:

  • Super fast and easy PHP server setup on cloud hosting.

  • PHP configuration is automatically configured with the best recommended and optimized configuration.

  • A PHP web developer or a server administrator may further customise either through dashboard or terminal.

  • Still allows the user to access and work directly on the server and pages using terminal.

  • Provides a forever free account as well as business account.


cPanel has been around for a very long time and it is widely (if not mostly) used control panel in shared hosting environments around the world.

  • Comprehensive control panel is more tailored to 3 types of users: administrators, resellers, and end-users.

  • It integrates with reselling, billing and email hosting.

  • Has a dedicated team of trainers to educate their users of all level of competency and scope.

  • However, since it is mainly geared towards shared hosting, server control is mostly limited to the control panel.

  • The control panel sometimes overrides the custom server configuration carried out by the server administrator.

  • Setup may take several hours.

  • Price starts at USD15 monthly for a single user, and USD20 per month for multiple users. No free account. Trial is available for 15 days.

Choosing between RunCloud and cPanel

So if you are PHP web developer who wants full control over your cloud hosted servers, RunCloud would be your choice as you have the choice whether to deploy and manage through the control panel or terminal. If you are feeling adventurous, further customisation can also be done without being confined to the dashboard.

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