Scalable & Feature Rich

Complete with the rich features necessary to allow you to relax and focus on your web application. Let the RunCloud platform automate the hard work for you.

An autopilot for server

We’ve built best practices for server configuration into our defaults—while still giving you full control and flexibility.

We remember the bad old days, server crashes and repeating the same confusing configurations over and over again. We have engineered RunCloud to let you deploy your fully featured server in one minute.

Automate server configuration

Why spend valuable time configuring your perfect server when we can automate it for you? RunCloud configures your server using best practices, ensuring your web app can handle visitor requests under the heaviest loads.

Painless PHP configuration

Automatically configure nginx, apache2, and fpm with the click of a button. Configure each of your web applications to use a different version of PHP if needed, and painlessly manage your PHP settings from your RunCloud dashboard.

Hassle free SSL/TLS security

Implement a free SSL/TLS certificate by Let's Encrypt or use your own custom provider. Wildcard SSL also available with Let's Encrypt. RunCloud configures your SSL to comply with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and NIST, even if you don't know what these acronyms mean.

Built in server monitoring

RunCloud comes complete with built in server monitoring, giving you an instant view of your server health. Respond quickly when your business needs it.


Need to track how many data usage that you have used for each Web Application? Now you can view them by daily or monthly basis.

Checking you server health every 15 minutes. Any unusual activity will be reported to your email, Slack Channel and/or Telegram.

RunCloud will monitor your server stats and display it in a beautiful graph that you can easily understand. Each of your servers will be checked by their load, memory and hard disk usage. If your server load or RAM usage gets too high, you will be notified via email, Slack and/or Telegram. So you don’t have to monitor your server every few minutes or install any complicated software just to add more server load!

Take care of your server load!

Setting up server health notifications has never been more simple than with RunCloud.

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Simply built for performance

The RunCloud platform implements a modern and highly performant server stack, including Nginx, Apache2, MariaDB, Redis, Memcached, Beanstalkd, and Supervisord. The perfect combination for speed and stability under load.


Brotli compression

Using Brotli compression, from Google, your web application will serve less data than before, ensuring your site visitors enjoy the fastest possible page load speed.


Implement an SSL and serve your secure HTTPS sites faster than ever before, using the latest HTTP/2 protocol. Your visitors can benefit from multiplexed streams, HTTP/2 server push, Binary protocols, Stream prioritization, and Stateful header compression.

Web deployment with Git

You are using GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Self Hosted GitLab, or your own GIT Server for version control? Deploy them easily to your server when you push your code to the repository. Build your server for staging or production depending on the GIT branch that you have.

Script installer

RunCloud comes with script installer for you to deploy famous script such as WordPress, Joomla, myBB, Concrete5 and many more will come. All of this with just a single click of a button.

Web server stack

You can set each of your Web Application to run on a different web server stack. One Web App is on NGINX + Apache2 Hybrid and another one is Native NGINX stack. Or just use Native NGINX stack for each of your Web Application.

Experience the Optimum Server Stack!

Unleash the power of your Web Applications with the highly optimised and lightning quick RunCloud server stack - Nginx, Apache, MariaDB, Redis, Memcached, Supervisord and Beanstalkd.

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Manage everything from one place

Manage all your server configurations and web applications from one easy to use graphical user interface, the RunCloud dashboard.

Web application manager

RunCloud makes deploying and managing your web applications a pleasure. With just a few clicks you can do so much. Configure your Virtual Host, Directories and Domain. Install one of the 10 most popular PHP applications using our Script Installer, or enjoy integrated Git Deployment. Install SSL certificates with ease. Tweak PHP versions and settings on a per Web Application basis. Review you Application logs and more.

Database manager

Manage your MariaDB databases without breaking a sweat, using the RunCloud Database Manager. Relax, now there is no more need for SQL Queries in the terminal. The Database Manager features an incredibly user-friendly interface that makes creating Databases and their users a simple task. Assigning users to a database, and managing their passwords is all done with a click of a button.

Service manager

The RunCloud platform features a highly performant server stack that is perfect for running modern PHP web applications. Our stack includes Nginx, Httpd, MariaDB, Redis, Memcached, Supervisord, and Beanstalkd, and can be easily managed with the RunCloud Service Manager. You can start, stop and reload each component, as well as quickly review their current memory footprint and CPU usage.

File manager

The RunCloud File Manager and Editor means there is no longer a need to choose between using a clunky terminal interface or SFTP to download/upload files to and from your local machine for quick editing, changing permissions or other basic file management tasks. The RunCloud File Manager Editor comes complete with other 30 different themes, and syntax highlighting support for over 100 programming languages.

Cron job manager

Manage cron jobs easily through the RunCloud interface. Set, amend, check, and delete jobs at the click of a button.

Supervisord manager

The Supervisord worker can help you run background jobs with ease, just hook in your command and let it run, Supervisord will look after it for you.

Instant notifications

Set up notifications to easily monitor server processes and health. Notify your team when you add, remove, or delete something from the RunCloud panel.

Server and website security

Let RunCloud take the worry out of keeping your web applications secure. We implement a variety of services and a server configuration that allows you to sleep more easily.

Firewalled by default

By default RunCloud only opens specific ports to your server including ports 22/tcp (SSH), 80/tcp (http), 443/tcp (https) and the RunCloud communication port 34210/tcp. We provide an easy interface to control your ports.

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We use Fail2Ban to monitor your server traffic and prevent SSH brute force or SSH DDOS attacks. Multiple failed login attempts from the the SSH port will result in an IP block for 10 hours. We also utilise Fail2Ban to monitor and prevent brute force attacks via the RunCloud communication port (34210/tcp).

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Web application isolation

Each of your Web Applications is sandboxed with their own web server and PHP configurations. Even if one of your Web Applications is hacked due to a vulnerability, this isolation ensures it can't take down your whole server.

What services are in our box

The RunCloud stack comes complete with the most powerful modern server software components to ensure performance, stability and security, let your web applications fly.

and so much more...

RunCloud Backups

Hard Disk Cleaner

File Manager & Cloud Text Editor

Domain Name Manager

Update & Custom RunCloud Repository

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