RunCloud Help

Aug 03, 2021

How to add rules to the firewall?

Depending on the web host you are using, you will need to add firewall rules to your server to allow RunCloud to install without interruption.

Note: The location of the external firewall configuration settings may vary depending on your VPS provider but is likely to be an important step in ensuring that RunCloud is able to communicate with your server. Without step being taken, your RunCloud install may get stuck at 100% without completing the installation

By default, RunCloud will close all unused ports once it is installed to ensure as much security as possible, however, it will need certain ports to be opened.

Ensure that you have opened up ports:

  • SSH: 22/tcp
  • HTTP: 80/tcp
  • HTTPS: 443/tcp
  • RunCloud Communication Port: 34210/tcp

Adding new rules to the firewall.

RunCloud uses FirewallD as the primary firewall and Fail2Ban to block unauthorized attempts to access your server.