RunCloud Help

Sep 07, 2022

How to transfer my server to another account?

Transfering server to other account

On RunCloud, you may transfer your server from one account to another by clicking on Settings on the navigation menu and scrolling down to Transfer Server. Enter in the email address that will be taking over this server. Once this transfer is complete, the email address that originally owned the server will no longer have access through RunCloud.

Transferring a server will remove Slack Webhook URL, Telegram Notification and Health Notification setting. Any backup instances for web applications and databases will be deleted. Any SSL will need to be re-authorized. Once you have requested a transfer, the invitation must be accepted within 15 days, otherwise it will be cancelled.

1. Click on Settings on the menu.

2. Scroll down to the Danger Zone and select Transfer Server.

3. Carefully read and understand the Transfer Server instructions.

4. Scroll down and enter in the email address you wish to transfer your server to and click Initiate Transfer.

Warning: Please Ensure the proper email address.

5. The next screen will show a pending server transfer.

6. You may cancel the server transfer at any time up until the receiver had accepted.

7. If you are the receiver, you will notice a new server in your dashboard waiting for your response to accept or decline. 

8. After acceptance, your pending list will be clear.

9. Confirm that you want to receive the server.

10. Once accepted, return to your server list in order to see the complete results of the transfer.

Note: This server is only transferred between RunCloud dashboards. The server on the VPS remains unchanged.

WARNING: Once a server is transferred, you will be unable to transfer it again for up to 2 weeks.

Note: This feature is not available to Trial or Basic accounts.