Server Management

Managing your server shouldn't be rocket science.

Whether it is 1 server or 1,000 servers, you can mobilise your servers in as easy as a few clicks.

Automate server configuration

With just a few clicks of a button, server configuration is automated with the best configuration (tailored by us, no less!) to handle any traffic, saving you time and trouble.

Painless PHP configuration

No more fumbling through the thick manuals just to install PHP. With RunCloud dashboard, you could even easily configure and manage the NGINX and Apache2. In fact, your Web Applications can be configured to different PHP versions.

Hassle free SSL/TLS security

RunCloud offers a 1-click installation of free SSL/TLS by Let's Encrypt, or any of your chosen custom provider. Wildcard SSL by Let’s Encrypt is also available if you have multiple subdomains. We also configure your SSL to comply with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and NIST

Firewalled by default

We only let traffic through ports 22/tcp (SSH), 80/tcp (http), 443/tcp (https) and 34210/tcp (for RunCloud communication) by default. If you need more, our dashboard has the perfect interface for you to control your ports.

Hassle free SSL/TLS security

Even though you have multiple Web Applications in a single server, they are sandboxed and isolated from each other, ensuring that your other Web Applications are safe, if one is compromised.


Worried about SSH DDOS attacks? Don’t panic, we have Fail2Ban to monitor them. Multiple failed login attempts from the the SSH port will result in an IP ban for 10 hours. Additionally, Fail2Ban also monitors and prevent brute force attacks against the RunCloud communication port. On the other hand, you can unban the IP addresses with the dashboard, should there be false positives.