Today, we’re proud to announce that our all-new interface with a fresh new look to make managing your servers not only effortless but also more enjoyable than ever is now in beta.

We’re super excited to hear what you all think! Please note that this is an early-stage beta but that’s exactly why we’re inviting you to jump in, try it out and let us know what you think now already. You can switch from classic dashboard ( to new dashboard (, and vice versa, anytime from the top-right profile dropdown menu. You can switch back to the classic RunCloud dashboard at any time and it will still be available during this beta.

Let’s dive into some of the specific improvements this release includes:

General Improvements

  • Our all-new dashboard that is fully accessible from any device, including your mobile device.
  • Global Search (beta) – you can quickly search anything in your RunCloud account (servers, web applications, database, etc.). We have a number of improvements planned to Global Search during this beta.
  • Server Tags – you can add tag(s) to your servers to help organize your servers and make managing them easy as you grow.
  • Web Applications top level menu. You can see the list of all web applications from all of your servers. This is extremely useful as you have a number of web applications across a growing number of servers that you manage.
  • Shortcut to edit .env file and deployment script
  • Better view for your activity logs, sorted by date
  • Recently viewed servers & web apps feature.
  • Improved Billing/Subscription flow.
  • Improved Team flow when creating team and invite team member with email notification
  • Improved activity logs, sorted by date.

Server Management Improvements

RunCloud New Server Management
  • Central SSH utilities. SSH key, login notification, session and config are in page with tabs.
  • Laravel web app type. For Laravel users, you can edit web app settings and change web app type from Custom to Laravel to unlock some Laravel features.
  • Laravel Octane. Yes, you can run your web app with Laravel Octane in RunCloud with Nginx server easily.
  • Server settings have been simplified by moving other settings to respective group.

Web Application Improvements

RunCloud Web Application New
  • Improved flow for creating a web application to help users start deploying web applications smoothly.
  • Creating git web app are now more informative for easy integration.
  • New interface for managing databases.
  • New float for creating cron
  • Artisan Commands – you can run some common artisan commands directly from RunCloud dashboard

Notable WordPress-related improvements include:

  • RunCloud Hub, WordPress Staging, Cloning, and General Settings (update home URL) is fully compatible with most WordPress web app types, including:
    • Regular Individual WordPress Installations
    • WordPress Multisite subdomain
    • WordPress Multisite subdirectory
    • WordPress Bedrock
    • Custom WordPress with WordPress files in a subdirectory but served from the website’s root
  • Improved WordPress Canvas flow, you can choose to activate plugin and also custom theme (ZIP).
  • Generate .htaccess automatically when cloning from Native NGIN to OpenLiteSpeed to prevent 404 issues.
  • Fulll support for Wordfence’s WAF during staging & cloning.
  • Regenerate Elementor CSS cache files during staging, cloning, and general settings update.

Profile Improvements

  • Cleaner API key interface.
  • Rework on WordPress Canvas interface.
  • Simplified billing interface.

Team Improvements

RunCloud Teams
  • New flow for creating teams and team invitation now with email notification.

Atomic Deployment Improvements

  • Various improvements to the atomic deployment interface.

Other Miscellaneous Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Added: File manager zip/unzip feature
  • Updated: RunCloud Agent version 2.4.8 iteration 7
  • Updated: WAF Modsec CRS version 3.3.2
  • Updated: NodeJS version 14 LTS for new server
  • Fixed: team member can not manage domain and ssl on shared team server
  • Fixed: invoice/receipt print issue

Remember, this is a beta – but that’s exactly why we’re inviting you to try it out today! During the beta, you’ll be able to leave direct feedback by using the Report Bug option in the menu, as shown below: