RunCloud is a platform that allows you to manage your servers easily, enabling you to deploy, monitor, and terminate your servers with just a few clicks.

With built-in integrations for some of the most popular cloud providers, RunCloud allows you to seamlessly deploy and connect new servers, including Linode, Vultr, UpCloud, AWS Lightsail, Hetzner Cloud, and DigitalOcean.

Why Connect Cloud Providers to RunCloud?

Connecting RunCloud to cloud providers via API can help streamline your server management process. Instead of manually deploying and managing servers, you can automate the process and save time.

If you have multiple servers connected to RunCloud which are distributed across different cloud platforms, having the API integration is immensely useful – it reduces the risk of accidentally deleting the wrong server.

How To Connect Cloud Providers to RunCloud via API 

To connect to cloud providers via API with RunCloud, you need to follow a few simple steps: 

  1. Log in to your Cloud Provider’s dashboard.
  2. Create an API Key.
  3. Add this API key to RunCloud. Go to Account Settings > Integrations, and select your cloud provider. 

The exact process differs slightly for each platform. Read the following guides in which we go through each step in detail to ensure that you can connect to your preferred cloud provider with ease.

  1. How To Setup Linode Server To Host Your Websites
  2. How To Setup Vultr Server To Host Your Websites
  3. How To Setup Hetzner Cloud Server To Host Your Websites
  4. How To Setup UpCloud Server To Host Your Websites
  5. How To Setup DigitalOcean Server To Host Your Websites
  6. How To Setup Amazon Lightsail Server To Host Your Websites

By following the steps outlined in the above article, you can take full advantage of RunCloud’s platform and effortlessly manage your servers.

Once you’ve finished connecting your cloud provider(s) of choice, deploying servers at any one of them that will be automatically connected to RunCloud will be possible directly from your RunCloud dashboard:

While deploying servers via RunCloud, it is important to note that you will be billed by your cloud provider for the resources you consume.

RunCloud does not provide cloud infrastructure – it deploys servers at your request and manages them.