OpenLiteSpeed is a high-performance, lightweight, and open-source web server that is a drop-in replacement for Apache or Nginx. It offers fast performance and a built-in page caching system.

Compared to Nginx, OpenLiteSpeed provides a more streamlined and intuitive user experience, making it easier for users to configure and manage their web servers.

OpenLiteSpeed also offers robust performance and efficiency, particularly when it comes to serving static content and handling high-traffic loads.

Deploying OpenLiteSpeed Server 

If you already have an Nginx server connected to RunCloud, you cannot use it to deploy the OpenLiteSpeed server. To use the OpenLiteSpeed stack, you will need to connect a fresh server and select the appropriate tech stack during installation.

To do this, open the RunCloud dashboard and click on “Connect a Server“.

Select the VPS provider that you want to use, and scroll down to select the installation type. The OpenLiteSpeed server is not supported with containerized installations on RunCloud, so select the “Native” installation to proceed.

Make sure you select the OpenLiteSpeed server option, and continue the installation.

Next, you will need to install the RunCloud agent on your server. If you use one of RunCloud’s integrations, this will happen automatically. However, if you are connecting the server manually, you will need to log into your server via SSH and run the given command to complete installation.

Once you have completed the installation, you should see a screen similar to the following image:

Can I install LiteSpeed Enterprise

RunCloud does not support the LiteSpeed Enterprise version as of now. It’s on our roadmap and will be implemented in the future. Unfortunately, an exact ETA is not available.

Deploying Web Apps

When using RunCloud, creating a web app on an OpenLiteSpeed server is very simple. Just click on “Create Web Application” and provide basic details such as the domain name that you want to use and the username/password for the admin account.

You can verify whether your website is running on OpenLiteSpeed or Nginx from the RunCloud dashboard:

If you are running WordPress, you can also verify this by going to Tools > Site Health > Info > Server.