A system user is an account that you can use to access and manage web applications on your server. You can create different system users for different web applications to improve the security and privacy of your data.

By default, RunCloud creates a system user called ‘runcloud’ for every server you add. You can use this system user for any web application that you deploy on that server.

However, you can also create new system users for each web application if you want to separate them.

To create a new system user on RunCloud, follow these steps:

  1. On the RunCloud dashboard, select the server where you want to create a new system user.
  2. Click on System User in the left sidebar.
  1. Click on the Add New System User button.
  1. Enter a username for your new system user. It is recommended to use only letters and numbers for the username.
  1. Optionally, enter a password for your new system user. If you leave this field blank, you will need to use an SSH key to access your server with this system user. If you enter a password, it is highly recommended that you click on Generate Password and let RunCloud create a strong password for you.
  2. Click on Save System User.

Your new system user will be created and added to your server. You can see the details of your system user on the System User page.

Note: You can use your new system user for any web application you deploy on your server. To do so, select the system user from the dropdown menu when you create a new web application.