Who is the Owner of Web App?

A web application owner is just a user account that is created specifically for running and managing a web application on your server.

This user account has its own home directory, password, group membership, etc. This provides a way of identifying and granting permissions to different entities that interact with your Linux system.

The reason for creating a separate user account for a web application owner is to isolate the web application from other processes and users on the system. This way, if the web application is compromised or hacked, the attacker will only have access to the files and resources that belong to the web application owner – not to your personal files or other applications.

A user can be any arbitrary string of characters that you choose when creating the user account. It doesn’t have to match the name of the web application or the person who owns it.

For example, you can create a user account called “bob” for running a web application called “myblog”. This user may or may not exist in the real world. It is just a way of identifying the web application owner on your Linux system.

How to Change the Owner of a Web App

With RunCloud, each web application can only be associated with one system user at a time.

You can change the ownership of a web application either during installation, or change it later for an existing web application.

When Creating a New Web Application

  1. Go to the Web Application screen and click on Create Web App.
  2. Find the User (owner of this web application) option, and choose a user from the drop-down list.

3. You can either pick an existing system user or create a new one from this list.

To Assign a User to an Existing Web Application

  1. Go to the Tools menu and scroll down to Change Web Application Owner. Click on Change Owner.

2. On the Change Owner screen, you can select a different user from the drop-down list, or create a new one, as shown above.

3. That’s it! You can now go back to your dashboard, where you should see the name of the new owner of the application in the top left corner of your screen.