If you no longer want to manage your server through RunCloud, you can remove it from your RunCloud dashboard.

This will delete all of the RunCloud data and settings associated with your server. However, if you provisioned the server manually, it will not delete the actual VPS or its files. You will need to delete the VPS separately from your hosting provider.

Warning: Removing your server from RunCloud is irreversible. You cannot restore your server or its data once you remove it. Please ensure you have backed up any important files or databases before proceeding.

To remove your server from RunCloud, follow these steps:

Step #1 – On the RunCloud dashboard, select the server you want to remove.

Step #2 – Click on Settings in the left sidebar.

Step #3 – Scroll down to the Danger Zone section and click on Delete This Server.

Step #4 – Read the Delete Server instructions carefully and make sure you understand the consequences of removing your server.

Step #5 – Enter the name of the server and click “Proceed to Delete“.

Note: This action only removes your server from RunCloud. It does not affect the actual VPS or its configuration. You will still need to delete the VPS from your hosting provider if you want to stop paying for it.

Step #6 – If you have provisioned your server via RunCloud integration, you have the option to delete everything, i.e. all web applications, data, and other web resources, along with your server. If you do not check off “I authorize RunCloud…”, your data will not be deleted.

If you select “I authorize RunCloud”, your server will be removed from your RunCloud dashboard and your VPS provider.

If your server was successfully deleted, you will see a confirmation message on your screen. You can also click on the notification (bell) icon on the top left of your screen to view past notifications.