What is This New Sign-in Notification?

New sign-in notifications are a security feature in RunCloud. This feature notifies users when someone signs in to their account from a new device or location. With the increasing number of online phishing attempts and the risk of unauthorized access, it is crucial to have security measures in place to protect user accounts.

The notification email contains information about the sign-in attempt, including the IP address and device details.

The notification email is sent from ‘[email protected]’. Before clicking on any links in the email, make sure it has a valid DKIM signature. Here is an example of how this should look:

If you receive a new sign-in notification email, make sure you recognize the sign-in attempt. If you do not recognize the sign-in attempt, then there is a possibility that someone else is attempting to access your account without your permission.

Take immediate action to secure your account. Start by changing your password and then contacting Customer Support.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Stop Seeing These Emails?

Yes, although this is not recommended. You can turn this off in your account settings if you no longer want to receive these emails – but we strongly advise against doing this as your account will no longer be protected as strongly.

How Can I Turn These Notifications Off Entirely?

If you want to turn off these notifications, you can go to your Profile page in Settings, and look for the “Login Email Notification” section.

Un-check the checkbox in this section, and press the Save button. After this, you will no longer receive notifications when a new login occurs.

Why Do I Keep Getting This Email Every Time I Log in From the Same Device?

We send these notifications as a measure of extra security. 

The benefits of using this feature are obvious – it provides an extra layer of security to user accounts and helps prevent unauthorized access. Users can feel more confident and secure knowing that they will be notified if someone tries to access their account from a new device or location.