RunCloud allows you to create a custom Nginx configuration directly from the dashboard. Here is how to do this:

  1. Log in to the RunCloud dashboard and select the server that you want to configure.

  2. Go to the Web Application tab and click on the web application that you want to proxy for.

  3. Go to the Settings tab, change the Web Application Stack to Native NGiNX + Custom Config, and hit Update Stack. This will allow you to use the predefined proxy config.
  1. Go to the NGiNX Config tab and click on the Add a New Config button.
  1. Select the Predefined Config option, and choose “Proxy – Effortlessly turn NGiNX as a proxy server” from the dropdown menu.
  1. The Config Content will be automatically filled with the predefined proxy config. You can customize it according to your needs, such as changing the port number of the app, enabling or disabling proxy buffering, or adding WebSocket support.

  2. After this, you can edit the Config Name if you wish, and then click on Run and Debug to check the syntax of your config.

  3. Finally, Click on Create Config to apply the changes and then test the proxy by accessing the web application URL from a browser or a curl command.