Sometimes, you may face file access issues with your web applications, such as getting an “Access Denied” or “File Not Found” error when you try to open or edit some files or folders on your server, even though they exist.

This may be caused by problems with your file ownership or permissions settings, which determine who can access or modify your files or folders.

To resolve the file access issues in RunCloud, you can use the Fix Ownership feature, which will restore the correct file ownership and permissions for your web application. This feature is available in the Tools section of your web application settings in RunCloud.

To use the Fix Ownership feature in RunCloud, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your RunCloud dashboard and select the server that has the web application that has the file access issues.
  2. Click on Web Application from the main navigation menu and then click on the web application that has the file access issues.
  3. Click on Tools from the sub-navigation menu and scroll down to the Fix Ownership section.
  4. Click on Fix Ownership and wait for RunCloud to apply the changes.

This will fix any file ownership or permissions problems that may prevent you from accessing or modifying your files or folders on your server.