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Server Setting

Server details

The server details is a meta for your server. You can name this server, set the provider of the server and set the location of your server. It won’t do much but it helps you to know which server is which.

Transfer server

You can use this function to transfer your current server to another registered customer inside RunCloud. This server can’t be transferred to Trial account.

While in transferring process, you won’t be able to use your server until new owner has accepted or reject the request. You also may cancel the transfer process before new owner start accepting the server.

Transferred server will lose setting for Slack Notification, Telegram Notification, Health Notification Setting and Backup Instance.

Once your server has successfully transferred to new owner, you won’t be able to manage this server anymore. The transferred server won’t be able to be transferred again until 15 days has pass from the last transfer date.

Change IP address

You can change your server’s IP Address from here. After filling the form, you need to run a script inside your server to tell RunCloud that you have changed your IP Address.

SSH config

SSH Config allows you to configure basic SSH configuration. The configuration is as follows:

Configuration Justification
Passwordless Login Only If you enable this, you can't SSH to your server using password. The only way is to use SSH Key.
Prevent Root Login If you enable this, you can't login as root to your server. It is a really good security measure to enable this function. If next time you want to run as root, disable this function and login as usual.
Use DNS SSH will check for reverse DNS of connecting machine before authentication. If you enable this, it will make SSH authentication to your server becomes slow.

Auto update

Your server is set to automatically update every packages from RunCloud (NGiNX, Apache2, all PHP version and RunCloud Agent). However, there is another update that you can configure.

Configuration Justification
Auto Update If you enable this function, your server will update everything inside your server. You are not recommended to enable this in production server.
Auto Update Security The default config is enable. This will automatically update security release for your server. It is really recommended to enable this in both production or staging server.