RunCloud provides a free temporary domain service for testing environments. You can use this to quickly get your web application up and running, and change the domain later.

RunCloud has three different types of domains. Let’s explore each type in detail.

  • Primary: The “primary” label is used to denote the main domain of your web application. All web applications must have exactly one primary domain.
  • Alias: This is a secondary domain that can also be used to access your web application. 
  • Redirect: This domain diverts all its traffic to the primary domain via HTTP 301 redirects.  

Adding A New Domain

You can use more than one domain name to access your site. Just click on “Add New Domain” to start the process.

Next, select the domain type – you can only add “Alias” or “Redirect” domain types. If you want to add a “Primary” domain, select “Alias“.

Enter the domain name that you want to add, and specify whether you want to use a www prefix with your domain.

After that, all that is left is to configure your DNS records on your DNS registrar’s website. Optionally, if you are using the Cloudflare integration, you can choose to have the DNS records updated automatically.  

Click on “Add Domain” to save the changes.

To verify the domain, click on the newly added domain. It should automatically take you to the existing website. Now you can continue configuring SSL certificates for this domain.

Adding A Primary Domain

After you have added more than one domain to your web application, you can configure which one is used to primarily connect to your site. Click on the “” button next to the domain that you want to make primary, and then click on the “Set as Primary Domain” option in the drop-down menu.

Deleting A Domain

You can delete domain names associated with your web application from your RunCloud dashboard.

Click on the “” button next to the domain you wish to delete, and then select “Delete Domain” to remove it – this will remove corresponding configurations from your server.

However, if you are using a custom domain name, your DNS will still be pointing that domain name to this server. You will need to log into your DNS registrar’s dashboard and delete it manually.