Keeping your payment information up to date is a crucial part of preventing service interruptions. Fortunately, adding or updating your payment method couldn’t be easier.

Simply navigate to your RunCloud Billing settings: 

For New Subscribers

Note: We’ve recently started working with Paddle (the complete payments, tax, and subscription solution for SaaS) to both process payments as well as act as our Merchant of Record – allowing us to deliver the best subscription and payment experience for our users across the world.

This means that some existing users will follow the process outlined below, while others will have a slightly different experience.

Once in your billing settings, click Update Payment Method:

After which you will be presented with the following confirmation:

To proceed, simply select Update Payment Method.

This will then load the following modal, where you can enter your card details or continue with PayPal or Google Pay:

Existing Subscribers

Once in the Billing section, click the Edit Payment Method, as shown below:

This will take you to the page shown below, where you can manage all of your existing payment methods.

To add a new payment method, simply click Add A New Payment Method:

In the form, you’ll be asked to enter your billing information. To change the credit card or debit card number, CVC number, or expiration date, simply add a new payment method, and then remove the payment method you no longer wish to keep on your account. 

To change the billing address details for your account, head back to your billing settings, found here:

After updating your information, save your changes by clicking Update Billing Details.