RunCloud Help

Oct 13, 2020

What is WordPress Canvas?

Teams are available to theBusiness planonly.

WordPress Canvas is a template builder for plugins and themes which streamlines the entire process of installing themes and plugins saving you time when starting new WordPress web applications.

To begin a canvas, navigate to your Account Settings on the top right.

On the navigation menu, scroll down and you will see WordPress Canvas.

Click into WordPress Canvas.

Fill out any relevant information including:

  • Canvas name
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Cleanup (all items are permanently deleted)
    • Helllo Word Post
    • Sample Page
    • Default WordPress themes
    • Default plugins
    • Sample files
  • Pre-defined Settings
    • Site Language
    • Tme Zone
    • Date Format
    • Time Format
  • Organize Upload
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Permalinks

All fields are optional.

What is WP Canvas Direct Download?

WP Canvas Direct Download allows you to use the download link of your plugins and themes via zip file to automatically use those links for setup every time, allowing you to use your own files and not just those from the WordPress repository.

If you wish to install pre-selected themes with your WordPress install, click on Add new theme and select any themes you wish to install.

If you wish to install any plugins, click Add New plugin and select any plugins you wish to install.

All of the other options within the screen are basic WordPress options that are already set to defaults, however, if you'd like to change them, you can them with each WordPress install, you can set check off the options you require with WordPress Canvas.

Once you have selected your desired options, you may click Create canvas.

The WordPress Canvas option is located on the Add Web Application screen just before the Add Web Applicationbutton.

Note: WP Canvas is only available for the Business plan.