RunCloud Help

Feb 16, 2022

How to add a system user?

Using different system users for different web applications is recommended and highly advantageous for privacy and maximum security benefits.

When deploying a new web application, you can use either an existing system user (default is runcloud user) or a new system user.

This article will focus on creating a new system user before deploying a new web application.

Add a new system user

Navigate to your desired server and go to the "System User" menu to create a new system user.

Cick the "Add new system user" button.

  • Username: choose a username; it is recommended to use alphabets and numbers only.
  • Password: password field is optional.
    • If you do not choose a password for this system user, you will need to generate an SSH key to access your server using this system user.
    • If you choose a password for this system user, it is highly recommended that you click on Generate Password and let RunCloud generate a 32-character password for you.

Once complete, click on Save System User.