RunCloud Help

Nov 24, 2022

How to create database?

First of all, navigate to Database on the left sidebar.

You need to create a database user before creating your database.

Step 1 : Create a database user

  1. Click on Database users then Add New Database User.


  1. Enter in the username you wish to use. It should actually be something that is not too easy to guess, meaning you should add a capital letter, followed by some lowercases, a number and a symbol.

  2. Use our password generator to ensure your absolute and guaranteed protection with the recommendation of a 32 random character password. You can set this lower or higher if you prefer. 

  3. Afterward, click Add mydbuser1 User.


Step 2 : Create a database

  1. Navigate to Databases then click on Add New Database.

  1. Enter your database name (must be at least 5 characters) followed by collation (optional) and assign a database user which is the user you have created before. Then, hit the Save Database button.

  1. Once added, the database will show a primary user attached to it.

  1. You also can click  the ellipses (3 dots) and assign a user to add a system user to a database. 



  1. You can also revoke a user from the database: