RunCloud Help

Jan 28, 2020

How to create database?

Create a database

  1. Navigate to Database on the left sidebar.
  2. Click on Create Database. Choose a name for your database and the collation (optional).
  3. Lastly, click Add Database.

You'll need to assign a user to database get this thing working.

To create a system user to attach to a database, scroll down before clicking Attach User +.

Create a database user

  1. Enter in the username you wish to use. It should actually be something that is not too easy to guess, meaning you should add a capital letter, followed by some lowercases, a number and a symbol.
  2. Use our password generator to ensure your absolute and guaranteed protection with the recommendation of a 32 random character password. You can set this lower or higher if you prefer. 3.Afterward, click Add Database User.
  3. Earlier, you had to scroll down from the Attach User + button, but now you can click it and assign the user to the database. Adding mydbuser1 as the user to the database

Once added, the database will show a primary user attached to it.