RunCloud Help

Nov 24, 2022

How to create web application?


Once you navigate back to the RunCloud server, you will want to add an application by clicking on Web Application on the menu.  You have a choice between creating a PHP Application or a WordPress application.

Creating a Custom PHP Web Application:

Step 1 : Choose how you would like to deploy your web application

  1. One-Click

  1. Script Installer

  1. Git Repository

  1. Empty Web App

Step 2 : Fill in the Web App Details

Step 3 : Choose your domain

  1. Use test domain

  1. Use my own domain / subdomain

WWW, DNS, and SSL options:

Enable www version of this domain

When choosing the www or non-www or non-preferred version of a domain, RunCloud will write to the web application telling the browser to redirect to a www or non-www version or if there is no preference, the visitor may type in either without any redirect.

DNS Integration

If you have connected your account to Cloudflare, RunCloud will be able to automatically setup the DNS records for you. You will also be able to connect to Cloudflare from this screen if you have not already done so. If you choose to do it manually, RunCloud will provide the information for going about rendering the DNS of your domain.

Step 4 : Choose the SSL/TLS Method

Basic SSL allows only a single domain to have an SSL certificate.

Advanced SSL allows a domain and all subdomains to have an SSL certificate. (available to Business Plans only)

By enabling AutoSSL, any new domains or subdomains added to the web application will automatically be processed to have an SSL certificate.

The web application will be created and you will see a summary.

To get started, click on Back to Web Apps. 

Locate your new web application and click on it. 

To begin adding files to your website: 

  1. Click on File Manager, clicking on New File and creating your HTML page, defined as index.php.

  2. Click on create and the new file will now appear in the directory. Click on it and then View/Edit. If you decide to edit the file, RunCloud comes with a File Editor tool. Your next page will look like an HTML editor.

  3. Add this HTML and hit ctrl+s or click the save link above the editor. Hello World!

Congratulations on your first web app!

Create your website using script installer

If you want to use the Script Installer feature, the dropdown menu includes:

  • Concrete5

  • Drupal

  • Grav Core

  • Joomla

  • MyBB

  • phpBB

  • Matomo (Piwik)

  • Prestashop

  • OctoberCMS

  • Grav Core + Admin Plugin

  1. Select the desired application and click Install.

  2. Now revisit your web application and you will be prompted with what to do next, usually installing the software.

  3. Before you proceed to install a CMS, you should set up a database and user if your web application requires it.

Creating a WordPress application:

Step 5 : Fill out the WordPress section 

  1. Site Title

  2. Admin Username

  3. Admin Password

  4. Admin Email

  1. Canvas

Click on Add New Canvas to create a new canvas

  1. WordPress Multisite

  1. WP 2FA (Two-factor authentication) 

Newly created web applications, cloned and staged web applications, will always show up as a Primary domain. You will also see new categories including DNS integration, WWW, and Preference.