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Jan 21, 2022

How to setup wildcard SSL for subdomain?

Setup wildcard for SSL for subdomain

You will need to setup a wildcard through your domain registrar for subdomains.

Assuming you have already created a domain, you will follow the same method. Click on Web Application.

Locate the button on the right, Create Web App.

When creating a new web app, point it to your subdomain with * in the prefix. 

So your wildcard subdomain will look like this:


After you have created your new web app, navigate the menu to SSL/TLS.

In order to avoid any disruptions or complications, ensure that the subdomain renders in your browser.

Click into your Web App.

All of the default options will remain selected including leaving Let's Encrypt as the SSL Provider.

If you have your own SSL certificate, you may select Custom and enter in your private key and the certificate.

Choose dns-01 and grab the API key from your host.

If you choose Let's Encrypt, then under LET'S ENCRYPT ENVIRONMENT, select your desired SSL certificate.

If you are using a test environment, select Staging, or Live if your website is in production.

Click Submit and it may take several moments up to 24 hours for the SSL certificate to be applied so that your website will be secure and render as https.

As an alternative method, navigate to Domain name on the menu, locate your domain, and click the cog wheel on the far right and select Enable wildcard subdomain.

After a few minutes, every subdomain will also have an SSL certificate.

Note: This option is for Business plan only.

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