RunCloud Help

Aug 17, 2022

Updating Test Domain

We’ve recently released an update to our test domain system. As a result of this change, the test domain previously available for testing will now no longer resolve to your web applications.

To ensure continued access to web applications that previously used this test domain, you’ll simply need to go through the process of adding a new domain to your web application (during which you’ll be able to select our new test domain). So, without further ado – here’s how:

Test domain is a free temporary domain service provided by RunCloud. 
We highly recommend using your own/custom domain for pre and post-production usage

1. Navigate to your server where the web applications reside.

2. Navigate to the left side of your panel where you can see the menus, and click on “Web Application”.

4. A new menu will appear on the left side.

5. Click on “Domain Name” to edit the domain.

7. Click on the “Add New Domain” to add the new test domain replacing the existing one.

8. Select “Use test domain” and click on “Add Domain” to proceed.

9. To verify the domain, click on the new domain. It should redirect you to the website.

10. Once the domain has been verified, click on the “...” and set it as primary.

11. Once set, delete the old domain from the list.