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Feb 17, 2022

Web application summary details?

Below is a summary of the full data of the web application section.

OwnerThe username of the user who owns the web application.
Total Domain NameTotal domains connected to this web application.
PHP VersionPHP version of this web application.
Web Application StackStack that you use. Either NGINX + Apache2 Hybrid, Native NGINX, Native Nginx + Custom config stack.
Root PathThe root folder of your Web Application. PHP can be executed inside this directory only.
Public PathPath to the public folder that your visitors can access.
Total data transfer yesterdayTotal amount of data that your website served yesterday.
Total data transfer this monthTotal amount of data that your website served this month.
SSL ProviderLet's Encypt or custom SSL provider
GIT ProviderThe name of GIT repository provider that you are using
RepositoryGIT repository that you are using
Repository URLURL to your GIT repository from your GIT provider
BranchCurrent GIT Branch that you are using

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