Amazon Simple Email Service, also known as AWS SES, is an email marketing platform that you can use to send and receive emails through your own addresses and domains. 

AWS SES can be used to send transactional emails, including any personalized emails or for newsletter campaigns. It’s a highly modular platform that you can use to create email marketing campaigns, set up autoresponders, and even use it for live ticketing support. 

However, if you’re getting the “Email address is not verified error”, this post will guide you on how to solve it. 

What is the “Email Address is not verified” Error?

When you start Amazon SES, it launches in a sandbox environment before you can switch it to production. Once you sign up, Amazon will verify whether you actually own the email address and the domain. 

The error usually arises when you try to send emails from an entity, such an email address or a domain, that hasn’t been verified in Amazon SES. Here’s how you can fix this error. 

How to Fix the “Email Address is not verified” Error

Here’s a brief guide on how to fix this error:

Verify if Your SES Account is Still in Sandbox Mode, and Request Production Access

This is easy to do. Just open your SES console in the region by selecting “Account dashboard”. SES is region-locked, so you’ll need access for each region that you plan on sending emails from.

If you’re in Sandbox mode still, simply click on “Request production access”. You’ll have to submit a form to AWS, and it may take up to a few days (usually a few hours) to get approval. 

Once you get production access to AWS SES, you’ll be able to send emails freely from any of the verified identities. 

Check Your Verified Identities

Before you start sending emails, make sure you look in the left sidebar menu to ensure that the email address or domain that you’re using to send emails from is verified. 

Whenever you add a new email address, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to verify. As soon as you click that link, its status will change. 

Similarly, when adding a domain, you’ll have to add the record that you receive with the registrar in your DNS records. It may take up to 48 hours for DNS records to propagate, but once they’re done, the status of your domain will also change to verified. 

After Action Report — Getting Started with AWS SES is Easy

That’s it! Fixing the “Email address is not verified error” is quite easy with AWS SES. Once you fix the issue, you’ll be able to send emails freely through the platform. Have you experienced this issue before? Let us know how you fixed it, and join the conversion in the comments (or by Tweeting @RunCloud_io)!