Whether you’re new in tech or a seasoned developer curious about AI or love hearing about the latest rumblings in the world of crypto, this list of newsletters we curated is perfect for developers looking to keep up with all the news and everything that’s changing in the industry…

How to Filter Newsletters and Clean Up Your Inbox

Newsletters are the most effective way to follow developer insights, but subscribing to too many of them may be a bit heavy on your email inbox. To work around this issue, you can set your subscription up by going through the following steps:

  • If your email address is [email protected], add +newsletter before the @ like so: [email protected]. Doing this will still result in the newsletters ending up in your regular inbox, but lets you set up a filter.
  • Next up, create a filter or a rule in your email inbox that indicates all emails you receive at [email protected] end up in a particular folder.
    • If you use Gmail, go to Settings -> See all settings, and then to the Filters and Blocked Addresses section. Then, click on Create a new filter, go to the To section and paste [email protected] in it.
    • Next up, click on Create filter, choose to Skip the Inbox (Archive it), Apply the label, and add a custom label called “Newsletter”. Finally, save your changes by clicking on the Create filter button. Note that the procedure is similar but slightly different for other email providers.

With that said, let’s dive right into our list of newsletters that every developer needs:

1. Changelog Weekly

Changelog Weekly signup form

You may have heard about Changelog from their podcasts. Apart from those, they also feature a curated newsletter, complete with editorial comments.

The Changelog team provides a weekly highlight of news in the open-source and software development field, along with informational content about JavaScript.

Frequency: Weekly

What is it best for: Everything you could want to know about tech. From AI to Java, you’ll find everything you need to brush up on your tech knowledge.

Signup Form: https://changelog.com/weekly

2. Hackernewsletter

hackernewsletter signup form

Hacker News is a news website that focuses on computer science and entrepreneurship. Hackernewsletter talks about information technology, coding, and startups in the IT field. The team also curates all the links to ensure it remains high quality.

Frequency: Weekly

What is it best for: Tech enthusiasts who want to read the best articles on startups, technology, programming, and more.

Number of subscribers: > 60,000

Signup Form: https://www.hackernewsletter.com/

3. No CS Degree

no cs degree newsletter for developers homepage

No CS Degree focuses on interviewing successful self-taught developers, or developers who learned how to code in boot camps. In general, they are making a community of developers who don’t have a four-year Computer Science degree.

No CS Degree is a great resource if you’re not planning to educate yourself through the traditional schooling system, as the developers they are interviewing were probably at the point in their life where you are currently, so solutions they found to certain problems can definitely inspire you to get on the next level.

Frequency: Weekly

What is it best for: Self-taught developers, or tech-savvy individuals looking to learn how to make it in coding.

Signup Form: https://www.nocsdegree.com/

4. All of Status Code’s Newsletters

list of statuscode newsletters

Curated by Peter Cooper with the assistance of his team of software development analysts, Status Code issues multiple weekly newsletters, all of which you can find on their main page.

Status Code’s newsletters primarily cater to programming apprentices, but they’ll keep you updated on all the latest articles, trends, ideas, releases, and events related to coding, with a special focus on UNIX, C, and algorithms.

Frequency: Weekly

What is it best for: It’s best known for curated articles in a variety of programming niches.

Number of subscribers: > 380,000

Signup Form: https://statuscode.com/

5. Versioning

SitePoint Weekly newsletter

The SitePoint website already enjoys a reputation among the web developer and designer community for the quality articles, courses, and books they post. With their newsletter, Versioning, you can get all the knowledge this site provides by email.

SitePoint’s Versioning comes out weekly and provides its readers with a hand-curated pick of relevant web development and design content. It even includes a fun section.

Frequency: weekly

What is it best for: Gives the latest information on writing better code, designing better interfaces, tools, and tips.

Number of subscribers: > 288,740

Signup Form: https://www.sitepoint.com/versioning/

6. GitHub Explore

GitHub Explore newsletter signup

GitHub, the most popular repository provider that hosts developers’ code, also issues a newsletter. GitHub Explore requires a GitHub account that is free to create.

This newsletter lets you choose between a daily, weekly, or monthly issue. You’ll find it helpful if you’re searching for your next open source project, trying to stay informed on what’s going on in the open-source community, or if you’re just looking for curated articles on a related subject.

Frequency: Daily/weekly/monthly

What is it best for: Latest news and happenings in the open-source world

Signup Form: https://github.com/explore/email

7. Software Lead Weekly

software lead weekly signup form

Software Lead’s weekly newsletter is made for dedicated professionals who wish to remain informed about software development culture and the people behind it. Its main target audience is IT entrepreneurs, managers, and tech leaders.

Software Lead Weekly also sends you inspiring management stories to help you improve your tech leadership skills. Whether you’re a manager or aim to become one, you’ll find this newsletter useful for learning about management and working with people committed to software development.

Frequency: Weekly

What is it best for: It’s all about tech, culture, and leadership.

Number of subscribers: > 27,250

Signup Form: https://softwareleadweekly.com/

8. Console DevTools newsletter

If you are a developer who wants to stay on top of the latest trends and tools in the tech world, you should subscribe to Console devtools newsletter. Console devtools newsletter is a weekly digest of the best developer tools that will help you improve your skills, productivity, and creativity.

You will get a curated list of the most useful and innovative dev tools, devops, cloud, and APIs that are released or updated every week as well as interviews with industry leaders in tech who share their insights, tips, and best practices on how to use these tools effectively.

Frequency: Every Thursday

What is it best for: Anyone who wants to try out new tools and technologies before they become mainstream.

Signup Form: https://console.dev/latest

9. Code Project Newsletter

The Code Project community issues their weekly newsletter with coding tutorials. It aims to provide useful information to web developers and engineers.

Code Project’s newsletter sends you weekly articles and updates covering different subjects including quality assurance, software testing, reviews, and more. It also gives you access to libraries related to programming languages, including C++, PHP, and JavaScript.

Frequency: Daily

What is it best for: Everyone in tech. It lets you customize your topics and the frequency at which you receive them based on your preferences.

Signup Form: https://www.codeproject.com/Feature/Insider/

10. Android Weekly

android weekly newsletter for developers

The Android Weekly newsletter focuses on developers for the Android OS. It sends you all the latest tutorials, screencasts, and news relevant to the Android developing community.

Frequency: Weekly

What is it best for: Android/mobile devs. Sends out weekly tutorials, screencasts, news, and everything else surrounding android development.

Signup Form: https://androidweekly.net/

11. Frontend Focus

Frontend Focus newsletter signup

The Frontend Focus newsletter, formerly known as HTML5 Weekly, is sent weekly, curating the most important and interesting news in the field of HTML5. A super-interesting read for staying up-to-date with the latest HTML developments.

Frequency: Weekly

What is it best for: Weekly round-up news about HTML5, CSS, browser tech and more.

Number of subscribers: > 76580

Signup Form: https://frontendfoc.us

12. code tuts+ newsletter

codetuts+ newsletter from envato

tuts+ provides a plethora of in-depth tutorials, along with software reviews and news on web development topics.

By subscribing to their newsletter, you’ll receive weekly updates on new code courses and web development tutorials.

Frequency: Weekly

What is it best for: Sending weekly online courses that will help you learn software development, helping you to improve your code and web applications.

Signup Form: https://code.tutsplus.com

13. TechRepublic Daily Digest

TechRepublic Daily Digest newsletter

If you’re interested in the latest industry news, the TechRepublic Daily Digest is your go-to newsletter. TechRepublic sends you a summary of the best IT and tech articles on the regular.

Frequency: Daily/weekly/bi-weekly – depending upon the topic

What is it best for: Selecting topics of your choice and staying up-to-date with all the current happenings.

Signup Form: http://techrepublic.com/newsletters

14. CSS Weekly

cssweekly newsletter signup

CSS Weekly is a weekly round-up containing the best tutorials, experiments, and tools for CSS. Besides Frontend Focus, it’s a great resource for front-end developers and those who want to learn more about CSS.

Frequency: Weekly

What is it best for: All things CSS; articles, tutorials, experiments, and tools.

Number of subscribers: > 32,500

Signup Form: http://css-weekly.com

15. Investing.io Newsletter

investing.io newsletter from smash.vc

This one isn’t a web development newsletter but a much broader newsletter for tech startups. The newsletter calls itself a newsletter for startup founders. However, it’s an excellent subscription for developers and techies since it provides some great resources on work productivity, growth, and scaling your tech business.

Frequency: Weekly

What is it best for: Full of tech news, tech startups info.

Signup Form: https://smash.vc/startup-newsletter/

16. CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks newsletter

CSS Tricks is a must-have newsletter for any developer who wants to stay up-to-date about front-end development and web design. It also covers tutorials, tips, and CSS tricks.

Frequency: Weekly

What is it best for: Everything you want to know about CSS.

Signup Form: https://css-tricks.com/

17. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine newsletter

Smashing newsletter sends out useful techniques on front-end development and user experience straight to your inbox.

Frequency: Weekly

What is it best for: Anyone with an interest in UX design and building great websites.

Number of subscribers: > 190,000

Signup Form: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/the-smashing-newsletter/

18. Sidebar

Sidebar newsletter signup form

Sidebar is the newsletter equivalent of a podcast. Every day you’ll get curated links and discussions on a variety of tech-related topics. It allows you to stay up to date with design news, without getting overwhelmed by noise.

Frequency: Daily

What is it best for: Staying updated on news related to the tech field.

Signup Form: https://sidebar.io/

19. TL;DR

TL;DR newsletter signup form

TLDR will deliver you a daily dose of interesting stories related to tech, science and coding. They market themselves as “bite-sized news for busy techies”. So, if you feel like you never have enough time to get through your daily newsletters, this could be a great option for you.

Frequency: Daily

What is it best for: Sends out a daily newsletter with interesting stories on tech, science and coding.

Number of subscribers: > 150,000

Signup Form: https://tldr.tech/

20. Pointer

Pointer newsletter for software developers

Pointer is known as the reading club for software developers. They send out curated content related to software development with links, summaries, and digestible stories every week.

Frequency: Weekly

What is it best for: Everything related to software development, such as Ruby, DevTools, management and much more.

Signup Form: http://www.pointer.io/

21. Programming Digest

Programming Digest newsletter

Programming Digest is a minimalist newsletter that showcases the five most interesting stories in programming and tech, with a small summary for each one.

Frequency: Weekly

What is it best for: Great for people who want a bite-sized newsletter without any fluff.

Number of subscribers: > 13,800

Signup Form: https://programmingdigest.net/

22. Frontend Weekly

And last but certainly not least, Frontend Weekly is a great newsletter that roundups the best articles, links and news in frontend development every single week.

Frequency: Weekly

What is it best for: Staying up-to-date with the latest in frontend development.

Signup Form: https://www.frontendweekly.co/

What’s your favorite newsletter? Let us know in the comments! 💬