You can use RunCloud to back up your web applications to UpCloud Object Storage, which is a new managed object storage service from UpCloud.

To back up your RunCloud server to UpCloud Object Storage, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create a new storage instance on UpCloud. Go to your UpCloud dashboard and click on Storage > Object Storage. Click on Create Storage Instance and enter a name and a storage capacity for your instance. You can either use the default settings, or modify them according to your needs. Then click on Create.
  1. Next, you need to generate API keys for a user account on UpCloud. Go to the settings of your storage instance and click on Users. You can either use your main account or create a new sub-account with limited permissions for this purpose. Click on Generate API Keys and copy the Access Key and the Secret Key. You will need these keys to connect your RunCloud server to your UpCloud storage instance.
  1. After creating the keys, you need to integrate this storage type on RunCloud. Go to your RunCloud dashboard and click on Settings > Integration > UpCloud Object Storage.
  1. On the next screen, enter a name, your Access Key and Secret Key, and the domain name of your storage instance. You can find the domain name on the settings of your storage instance on UpCloud. It should look something like this: After this, hit “Save Integration” to start using it.
  1. Now you can create a new backup on RunCloud using this storage. When creating a backup, choose the storage type that you created in the previous step.

You have successfully created a backup of your RunCloud server to UpCloud Object Storage. You can view and manage your backups on RunCloud and UpCloud dashboards.

Note: RunCloud Business accounts come with 30 GB of free backup storage. If you are using UpCloud storage, UpCloud will bill you separately for this usage. Please check the pricing and terms of service of UpCloud before using their storage service.