RunCloud gives you control and flexibility over your backup files, allowing you to back up your applications and databases to any SFTP server.

Step 1: Get Credentials of the SFTP User Account

If you want to use SFTP to back up your applications, you need to provide your own SFTP server. If you don’t want to provide your own server, and are looking for a seamless option, you can consider using RunCloud storage for backup.

On your SFTP server, create a new user account that has the necessary permissions to create and delete files. If you are using a managed service, such as, Couchdrop, SFTP To Go, BackupSheep, etc., then you can find this setting in your dashboard.

Step 2: Create an SFTP Integration in RunCloud

To create an SFTP integration in RunCloud, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your RunCloud dashboard and go to Settings > Integrations > SFTP.
  1. Click on the Add Integration button and fill in the following information:
    • Label: Give a name to your SFTP integration.
    • Host: Enter the hostname or IP address of your SFTP server.
    • Port: Enter the port number of your SFTP server. If you leave this blank, the default port 22 will be used.
    • Username: Enter the username of your SFTP account.
    • Password: Enter the password of your SFTP account.
    • Path: Enter the path where you want to store your backup files on your SFTP server, such as /data1/home/1234/runcloud-backup – and make sure that this location exists on your server. If you leave it blank, the default value /home/{username} will be used.
  1. Click on the Save Integration button to create your SFTP integration.

Step 2: Create a Backup Plan for Your Application

The next step is to create a backup plan for the web application that you want to back up using SFTP.

To do this, go to Backup tab in the left menu and click on the Create New Backup button.

On the next screen, select the relevant settings and the backup frequency.

Under the Backup Storage section, choose External Backup and select the SFTP integration that you created in step 1 from the drop-down list.

To learn more about these settings, read our full guide on RunCloud backups.

Click on the Create button to create your backup plan.

RunCloud will now automatically back up your web application to the provided SFTP server according to the selected schedule.