Your RunCloud Agent needs to be at least Version 2.0.5 to use backup feature. RunCloud Backup does not save your backup files inside your server, but we securely store it inside our cloud storage.

RunCloud Backup gives you 30GB of cloud storage to store your backup and you can directly deploy your backup files inside other server or you can download it to your computer.

With RunCloud Backup, you can backup your Web Application or Database. You can't do a server image backup with RunCloud Backup.

Every backup is stored in tarball format (tar.gz). If you wanted to deploy the backup file inside a server outside RunCloud, you can download the tarball, upload them to your server and extract them to the intended directory.

RunCloud backup uses RunCloud Credit to charge the backup instance. The credit charges is flat rate $0.03/day for Pro Subscriber and $0.06/day for Free Subscriber per backup instance.


This is the summary of your backup. It will show your current backup storage usage, total Web Applications, and Databases that have been configured to use RunCloud Backup.