MySQL has a special user account called root, which has full access and privileges to all the databases and tables on the server. However, using the root account for regular tasks is not recommended, as it can pose security and performance risks. Therefore, it is better to use a different user account with limited privileges for your web applications and databases.

If you are using RunCloud, you can create and use different user accounts and passwords for your databases. You can do this by using either the RunCloud dashboard or the terminal.

However, if you do need to find or change your MySQL root password for some reason, you can do so by navigating to one of these locations on your server:


You can use a text editor such as vi or nano to open and edit these files. You will see something like this:

[client] user=root password=your_root_password

You can change the password value to whatever you want and save the file. Then, you need to restart the MySQL service for the changes to take effect. You can do this by running this command:

service mysql restart

Note: It is recommended that you only use the database username and password that you created with RunCloud. If you do need to access your database using the root username and password, you do so at your own risk.