One of the features that RunCloud offers is the global server notifications, which are alerts that inform you of important events that occur on your server.

You can access the global server notifications by clicking on the bell icon at the top right corner of your screen. A side menu will appear that shows you a list of all your recent notifications. You can also click on the notifications to go to the relevant screen where you can take action if needed.

The global server notifications cover various aspects of your account, server, support, and user activities. Here are some examples of what you will get notified about:

  • Account: You will get notified about your subscription status, such as when it is due for renewal, when it is successfully renewed, when it fails to renew, when you downgrade your account, when you change your plan, or when you enable automatic credit top-up.

  • Server: You will get notified about your server status, such as when it is being provisioned, when it is ready to use, when it fails to provision, when it completes an installation, when it fails to install, when it has a health issue, when it fails to renew a Let’s Encrypt certificate, or when it fails to deploy Git or Atomic.

  • Support: You will get notified about your support tickets, such as when you receive a new reply from the RunCloud team.

  • User: You will get notified about your user preferences, such as when you subscribe to the RunCloud newsletter.

The global server notifications help you stay on top of your server management and keep track of any issues or updates that may affect your web applications and servers.