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SSH Key can be used to login to your server without password. Each user inside server can have multiple ssh key attached to them. For example if you want your friend, Joe to be able to login to your server under username runcloud, just add Joe’s SSH public key to the server. After that, Joe can login to your server without any password.

Generating SSH Key

If you do not have any SSH key pair inside your computer, just issue ssh-keygen -t RSA inside terminal (Linux & MacOS).

Then you cat get the SSH public key by issuing cat ~/.ssh/ which you can register inside RunCloud.

Adding SSH Key

To add the ssh key to your server, you need to fill in the data below:

Form Field Justification
Label The label for SSH key for you to recognize this key belong to whom
User The user inside your server that you want the ssh key to authenticated to
Public Key The SSH public key get from cat ~/.ssh/

After you have save the key, RunCloud will push the key to the server. And now you can login to your server without password.

Deleting SSH Key

Deleting the SSH Key will remove the key from the server. However, the user who own the key will not automatically logout from the server.