RunCloud Help

Jan 17, 2022

How to add SSH key?

Generate public SSH key for Windows

For Windows users, you can use Putty to generate a public SSH key. Please follow this guide.

Generate public SSH key for macOS/Linux/Unix

It is straightforward if you use a UNIX operating system (macOS/Linux/Unix).

To generate your SSH, run the ssh-keygen command from the terminal on your local machine. Your terminal will confirm the generation of the key pair and ask where to save the keys. Hit enter to accept the path and filename.

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Copy the public SSH key from our local machine. Print out the public key in the terminal using the cat command and the /path/to/your/, for example

cat ~/.ssh/

Copy the generated key to the clipboard and add it to RunCloud

Add the public SSH Key to RunCloud

Navigate to the SSH menu under Utility located in your server.

Click Add New SSH Key button.

  1. Label, add any label for you to recognize this public SSH key
  2. User, choose the system user you want to be assigned with this key. If you're going to get full access to your server, you can select root user. Please be careful if you choose root user because the root user can do anything, including delete everything.
  3. Temporary, enable this option if you temporarily add this key and it will be deleted automatically after 12 hours. 
  4. Public Key, paste the public SSH key from the clipboard generated in the previous step.
  5. Store in SSH Key vault for later use. Enable this option to save this SSH key in your RunCloud account. You can use it to add SSH Key easily for your multiple servers in RunCloud.