Joining some of the best Facebook groups for SysAdmins and developers is a great way to learn, improve, and stay up-to-date with the industry. 

Any developer with more than a year of experience will know for a fact that tech is always evolving. With so many popular tools, languages, libraries, and other technologies out there — it’s impossible to learn everything on your own. That’s why joining a Facebook group with like-minded developers is a great idea.

In this article, we’ll be going over the best Facebook groups for SysAdmins and developers. 

Let’s get started — here’s is the breakdown of some of the best Facebook groups for SysAds and Devs:

RunCloud Community

  • Members: 2.3k
  • Type: Private
  • Founded on: 22nd December 2017
runcloud community facebook group for sysadmins and develoeprs

What the group is about: The RunCloud Community is a Facebook group originally made for RunCloud users and developers. It’s a medium-sized group with a lot of active members.

The group is only available for active RunCloud users and is mainly composed of posts about:

  • RunCloud news
  • Industry news for DevOps and SysAds
  • Personal and work-related questions

RunCloud Community is one of the most active Facebook groups on this list, despite being just 2,300 members. This makes it a great choice for developers who are looking for quick replies and a group that’s full of new content — without the fear of never seeing the same developer again. 

It’s a tight-knit community with a lot to offer both beginners and veterans in this field, especially for developers and SysAds that use RunCloud.

So in case, you decide to go with RunCloud as your web hosting company, we’re 100% certain that you will find amazing support in our community of developers, sysadmins, and engineers!

Why you should join the group: RunCloud Community is a great place to learn about RunCloud, DevOps, and SysAds together with a group that practices the same technology as you. If you’re a RunCloud user, then this would be the best place to grow your skills and network with other developers or system admins.

Check out some of our plans to see what you’re getting besides the most active amazing community out there!

Black (WPT) Web Developers, Programmers, Engineers & Techs

  • Members: 4.6k
  • Type: Private
  • Founded on: 13th March 2013
black wpt web develoeprs programmers engineers and techs facebook group

What the group is about: The Black WPT group is a professional, helpful and enthusiastic community for web developers, programmers, engineers, and techs. This group is arguably the most active one on this list, with nearly 500 posts from December 2021 alone.

The Black WPT group places heavy emphasis on networking, mentorship, collaboration, resource sharing, and communication. Attached below are some examples of what the group posts about:

  • Open discussion about how the tech industry and its practices relate to black people
  • Safe space for candid communication and reviews of tech practices or cultures
  • Questions and discussions about tech news

The group is private and requires you to answer several membership questions, as well as have a profile picture that shows your face. After getting approved, you can create an introductory post: sharing your goals, aspirations, why you joined the group and anything else that seems appropriate.

Black WPT is a very helpful and collaborative community filled with several useful resources, has different mentorship programs, and is focused on making a strong network connection for every member.

Why you should join the group: If you are a member of the black developer community and like to engage with other black developers or sysadmins, then Black WPT is the perfect place for that. It’s an active group with a lot to offer newbies and vetted professionals — especially those who want to talk about how technology affects black lives.

Sysadmin | Cloud | DevOps

  • Members: 63.2k
  • Type: Private
  • Founded on: 28th April 2018
sysadmin cloud devops facebook group

What’s the group is about: The group discusses info about Cloud, Database, VMware, Linux, and Windows. It’s a huge group with tens of thousands of members, but the members themselves are not very active.

Although this Facebook group has a lot of members and was only recently created, it’s quite inactive. We’re only adding this to the list because there are still regular posts that new users can sift through (granted they’re all promotional content).

You can expect posts like:

  • Industry news
  • Self-promotional articles about different technologies
  • Tutorials and guides
  • Links to webinars, courses, and online lectures

Just don’t expect to find anyone who’ll reply to your questions or even entertain your comments. The group is filled with people who post their own content and don’t do anything more..

Why you should join the group: If you aren’t looking for an active community, but more of a group with a plethora of possibly interesting articles, courses, or guides to help you. Then this is a good place to find those resources.

Unix Dev Ops

  • Members: 8.9k
  • Type: Private
  • Founded on: 17th April 2008
unix devops facebook group

What the group is about: Unix DevOps is a group that focuses on AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, Solaris, Tru64, Linux, Darwin, BSD, and Minix. It’s a simple group with relatively idle activity.

Although Unix DevOps isn’t the most active group in this list, it’s good to note that spamming and advertisements are a bannable offense. This means that even though they’ve only had 19 posts as of December 2021, those posts were probably questions or healthy discussions.

Now, the group was created around 13 years ago, so most of the 9,000 members may not even be active at all. Still, it’s always worth a shot since you may be able to find some users who are still frequent contributors to the group.

Why you should join the group: Unix DevOps is an old group, but with some active members who can provide value to both beginners and experts alike. It’s a great place to find a small community to who you might be able to talk on a more personal note, rather than just being limited to comments and posts.

Full Stack Developers / DevOps / Software Designers and Architects

  • Members: 26.9k
  • Type: Private
  • Founded on: 25th March 2017
full stack developers devops software designers and architects facebook group

What’s the group about: Full Stack Developers /DevOps / Software Designers and Architects is a simple community of professional developers with various backgrounds.

Besides other groups we mentioned on this list, this group has pretty much everything — learnings, experiences, troubleshooting, job opportunities, and sharing industry-related news.

However, just like any other group with thousands of members, most of them are inactive, but the ones that are active, post really good content. 

Cheap or free courses, experiences from members, or even community helping you to solve the problem — you can find all of it here.

Why you should join the group: The first thing we noticed is how posts are heavily moderated — admins don’t allow all kinds of content posted, but very specific purpose-driven posts. That means the content in the group is good quality, and you can always learn something new, or in the worst-case scenario have a good laugh over a meme!

Docker Vietnam

  • Members: 25.9k
  • Type: Private
  • Founded on: 9th February 2006
docker vietnam facebook group for sysadmins

What the group is about: This Vietnamese group is a great resource for Vietnamese developers. It’s an active group, with same-day comments and replies.

Disclaimer: If you can’t speak Vietnamese, we suggest moving on to the next Facebook group.

Docker Vietnam is an engaging group for Vietnamese developers, but anyone who can speak Vietnamese is free to join. Here are some posts you can expect from Docker Vietnam:

  • Job or hiring posts
  • Online courses, lectures, or guides
  • Industry news
  • Questions about errors and general developer support

The group has more posts about questions, with several corresponding helpful comments, than it does promotional posts. It’s amazing to find a group this active, without all the advertisements. Anyone speaking Vietnamese would benefit from this Facebook group.

Why you should join the group: Vietnamese developers will benefit from local news, local job opportunities, and even finding friends that you might be able to meet in real life. 

Software Development Mastery

  • Members: 56k
  • Type: Private
  • Founded on: 14th September 2018
software development mastery facebook group

What the group is about: Helping highly motivated people break into the software development field and become rock-star developers. The group is all about helping fellow developers and promoting the group’s Software Development Mastermind course.

This Facebook group is basically a community of developers who are followers of Andy Sterkowitz and his software development course. 

Although that sounds like a cult, the group is very particular about posting promotional content and spam. The group itself looks to be quite active, especially considering it’s developed more than 50,000 members despite the group only forming last 2018. 

One shining quality of this group is that you can expect only one kind of post here: software development questions and problems. 

You won’t find any ads in this Facebook group, the rules state that it’s strictly a group where developers can learn from each other and improve. It also helps that all the members and posts have to be approved by the admin before being accepted.

Why you should join the group: This Facebook group is all about software development problems, questions, and queries. You won’t find jobs here, people selling courses, and other types of advertisement. Developers who join this group will be greeted with the good old “why isn’t this working?” and all that fun stuff.

DevOps | Knowledge Sharing & Jobs

  • Members: 2.6k
  • Type: Public
  • Founded on: 22nd August 2017
Devops knowledge sharing and jobs facebook group

What the group is about: The DevOps | Knowledge Sharing & Jobs is an active group that’s full of opportunities and job listings for developers and system admins. They also have online training, courses, and workshops that are self-promoted.

For a group that was created 4 years ago, having 2,600 members is a good indication for a slowly growing, but active community. One of our favorite features from this group is their implementation of #hashtags to help organize the posts and make it easier to sort by.

Now, the group mainly have two types of posts:

  • Promotional content like workshops and boot camps
  • Job listings 

There aren’t a lot of question-and-answer posts here, but you’ll find tons of opportunities if you’re job-searching. Since it is also a public group, you can easily join without having to go through any membership tests or have to wait for an admin to let you in.

Why you should join the group: The group offers a lot of job opportunities for rising developers and even vetted professionals. You should join the group if you’re looking for work and want to see the market for your skills. You can even look around and keep note of the highest-paying jobs or the ones that are most in-demand.

I am a Software Engineer

  • Members: 91.9k
  • Type: Private
  • Founded on: 16th March 2017
I am a software engineer facebook group

What the group is about: This Facebook group is dedicated to software developers and engineers. It’s a mixture of programming in C, C++, C#, Java, Android, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML/5, CSS/3, Bootstrap, JQuery, and more. 

I am a Software Engineer is a weird name to name a group, but it embodies what this Facebook group is all about. Regardless of what language or framework you’re studying, chances are that this group can answer your questions and teach you more about your technology.

Here’s what posts you can expect from this Facebook group:

  • English only posts (strictly in the rules)
  • Question and answer posts about technical challenges and difficulties
  • Industry news

The group mainly focuses on the development side of things and doesn’t allow for promotional content like jobs or advertisements. With almost 100,000 members, it might be worrisome to keep track and know everyone. The group’s activity levels aren’t anything to boast about, with only 125 posts from December 2021. 

Just the right amount of activity for a small community in a large group.

Why you should join the group: if you’re looking for a group that can answer your questions and is a safe place for you to have discussions, then I am a Software Engineer is a great place to start. You won’t have to deal with any promotional content, plus you’ll get to learn more about different technologies from one group!

Google Cloud Platform & Kubernetes

  • Members: 38.6k
  • Type: Public
  • Founded on: 16th March 2017
Google cloud platform and kubernetes facebook group

What the group is about: Software developers and SysAds who use Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes. The group is also open to other technologies, especially the ones that have a direct impact on GCP or Kubernetes like AWS.

Kubernetes and Google’s cloud platform are two of the biggest systems in the world right now. For SysAds and developers who are trying to jump on this bandwagon, this Facebook group has a lot to offer when it comes to technical resources. 

You can find all sorts of posts here, like:

  • Question and answer posts for developers and system admins
  • Online courses, workshops, and boot camps (only a few of these are present)
  • Technical articles explaining high-level concepts of Kubernetes as well as other technologies
  • Industry news 

The group lets you filter through all of the posts with a #hashtag system as well, and that’s always a plus. It has a designated tab for questions too, which is a godsend feature for separating technical questions from everything else that’s posted in the group.

Why you should join the group: In short, if you’re thinking about learning Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform, this group is a great place to hang out. You can get job opportunities, technical articles about Kubernetes, online courses with discounts, and question-and-answer posts that are great for discussion.

Computer Science/Software Engineering Conferences

  • Members: 41.9k
  • Type: Public
  • Founded on: 22nd March 2014
Computer Science software engineering conferences facebook group

What the group is about: The Computer Science/Software Engineering Conferences Facebook group is exactly what it sounds like — a group for conferences. 

If you’re looking for a consistent stream of online events and conferences that you can attend, this is the place to start. The Facebook group requires all posts to follow a strict format, which helps organize all the events and makes things skimmable for members who are uninterested.

Although the group only offers conferences, you can still find all sorts of topics at work here. From AI safety all the way to Robotics and Smart Cities, you won’t be worried about not having enough conferences to attend. 

The best part of this group is how diverse it is. There are tons of submissions from India, Switzerland, and even the UK. 

Some conferences even allow users to submit papers for review, coupled with some formal benefits and perks if you win anything important. 

Why you should join the group: Research papers and theses are important for developers who are taking their masters. Joining conferences to find out the latest and greatest advancements in technological developments can be a huge strength to your skills and ability to adapt to future technologies.

JavaFX Software Developers & Engineers

  • Members: 3.2k
  • Type: Public
  • Founded on: 19th April 2018
javafx software develoeprs and engineers facebook group

What the group is about: The JavaFX Software Developers & Engineers group is about all things JavaFX and Thick Client Java. 

Java is a language that’s been around for a long time and still looks to be quite a force in the programming world. The JavaFX Facebook group is a great resource for question-and-answer posts!

The group bans all kinds of advertisements and job postings, so all you see in the group are technical questions that are java-related. It’s a great place to have a casual conversation with a fellow developer or to ask for help with some of your demanding problems.

As the cherry on top, the group also lets you sort through topics by #hashtags. Granted it looks like their hashtags are a bit outdated. 

Why you should join this group: Java is still one of the biggest languages in the programming world and this Facebook group is a great place to start asking questions. 

After Action Report – Why Should You Join Developer Groups?

Despite the criticism it now gets, Facebook is still a great place to connect with like-minded people in your industry – stay tuned with what’s going on in the industry, what other respected developers are up to & more.

We recommend picking and choosing wisely. Communities are great but they’re also incredibly time-consuming. 
What’s your personal favorite Facebook group? Let us know in the comments, join the conversation, and don’t forget to join the RunCloud Community.