RunCloud works with numerous cloud providers and many of these cloud providers offer an option to clone the disk image of your server to create new “Duplicate” servers easily, or to back up your data. Refer to the documentation of your cloud provider for exact steps. Here is the link to some of the popular cloud providers:

If your server crashes and you have a snapshot of it, you may be able to recover your server and reconnect it to RunCloud. A snapshot is a copy of your server’s state at a certain point in time, which includes your web applications, databases, files, and settings.

However, you need to be careful not to delete your old server from RunCloud, as this will make it impossible to reconnect it using a snapshot.

To restore your server from a snapshot and reconnect it to RunCloud, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your server provider’s dashboard and create a new server from the snapshot that you have. You can choose the same or different region, size, and name as your old server.
  2. Log in to your RunCloud dashboard and select the old server that has crashed.
  3. Click on Settings from the main navigation menu and then click on Change IP Address.
  4. Enter the new IP address of the new server that you have created from the snapshot and click on Change.
  5. Wait for RunCloud to reconnect its services to the new server and then check if everything is working properly.

Note: It is recommended that you also use the RunCloud Backup feature to back up your web applications and databases regularly, as this is a safer and more secure way of storing your data.

You can also use the clone feature to restore your web applications and databases from backups to another server. However, if you have multiple web applications, a snapshot restore may be faster and easier.