Quickly identify & resolve web application performance issues.

RunCloud Monitoring allows you to diagnose and profile your web application performance. It has been designed to make it easy for teams on RunCloud to manage resource usage and improve web application performance and scalability.

Resource Usage Tracking

  • Memory Usage: If you notice that your server is frequently running out of memory, you can use the memory usage tool to identify which applications are using the most memory – and take steps to optimize them. This helps you understand whether your server has enough memory for its tasks, or if you need to consider upgrading your server.
  • CPU Usage: This feature allows you to keep an eye on your server’s CPU usage. High CPU usage can slow down your applications which can be frustrating for users, so it’s important to track and manage it effectively.
  • Disk Usage: You can use this feature to check how much disk space is being used on your server. Regular monitoring can prevent your server from running out of space, which can lead to crashes and other issues.

Disk Cleanup

Over time, servers can accumulate unnecessary files that take up valuable space and slow down the server. If your server runs out of disk space, then you will not be able to store any more files on your server – i.e. you can not install any new plugins or themes on your WordPress website or install any updates.

There are two ways to fix this – either increase the size of your storage disk or use the disk cleanup tool to remove these files and free up space, ensuring your server runs efficiently.

Learn more about using the Disk and Data Cleanup options here.

If you are planning to delete obsolete files on your server, then you should also refer to our resources:

Top Process Monitoring

When you are running a server with multiple websites, it is not immediately obvious which website is consuming all the resources.

If you want to identify the process which is hogging all the CPU resources, then you can enable the process monitoring feature on RunCloud. This allows you to manage and analyze these processes to improve overall server performance.

Learn more about how to start monitoring your server’s top running processes.

Slow Query Analysis

If your application is running slowly, then it might be because the SQL queries are taking too long to execute. You can use RunCloud’s Slow Query Analyzer to identify the queries that take longer than a certain amount of time to execute. By identifying and optimizing these queries, you can significantly improve the speed and responsiveness of your applications.

Learn more about how to configure and use the Slow Query monitoring.

Storage Monitoring (Coming Soon)

Storage Monitoring is not currently available (but is being considered) as a future addition to RunCloud Monitoring. If you have any specific feature requests related to this feature, how you’d expect it to work as well as other aspects of monitoring – join the conversation over in our community.