RunCloud supports team collaboration, which allows you to invite other users to join your projects and assign them different roles and permissions.

Team permissions are the settings that control what each team member can see and do on your RunCloud dashboard. For example, you can grant or deny permissions to view and manage web applications, databases, cron jobs, firewall rules, etc. You can also limit access to specific servers or web applications for each team member.

You can customize the permissions for each role according to your needs, and enable or disable the permissions for each feature or section on your RunCloud dashboard. For example, you can allow or deny the permission to create or delete web applications, install or delete SSL certificates, add or delete databases, etc.

To customize the permissions for a team role, go to your RunCloud dashboard and click on the Teams tab. Then click on the team name that you want to edit. Next, click on the Permissions tab in the top menu. You will see a list of all the features and sections that you can grant or deny permissions to.

You can use the Quick Toggle buttons to check all or uncheck all of the permissions for each feature or section. You can also use the individual checkboxes to enable or disable the permissions for each specific action or setting. For example, you can enable the permission to view web application page, but disable the permission to create web applications.

Once you have customized the permissions for your team role, click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page. The new permissions will be applied to all of the team members with that role.

You can also create multiple teams with different roles and permissions for different projects or servers. While assigning the permissions, keep in mind that, it’s not possible to create/manage a backup for the web apps as a team member. As of now only the server owner/team owner has the option to create/manage a backup instance for the web applications.

For example, you can create a team for your developers with full access to your server and web applications, a team for your clients with limited access to their web applications only, and a team for your freelancers with restricted access to specific web applications only.