RunCloud Help

Sep 01, 2021

How to generate API key?

On the upper most right, click on the Settings.

  1. Navigate and click the API Key on the menu.

  1. An API key and API secret will automatically be generated.

You can use this key to connect to RunCloud via API.

You may generate a new API key a few times every hour, but will likely only need it once. Do not give this API key out as it will allow people to use your RunCloud dashboard.

Once you decide you are ready to use the API, select enable under Enable API Access.

You may also restrict RunCloud API so that it only responds to your specified IP addresses.

New RunCloud Dashboard (2021)

On the very top right, navigate to your Account Settings.

Then click into API Key on the navigation menu.

If you plan to use a new API key, ensure that you flip the switch to on and as an additional safety measure, generate a new API key and API secret.