RunCloud Help

Feb 19, 2021

How to use backup?


This is the place to enable backups for your Web Applications and Databases, located in the Backup menu item on the top of the dashboard. To enable or disable your backup, you will need to toggle a button to enable the backup. To view the backup summary, backup settings and backup files, click the view button.

Upon clicking the Backup your first site or Backup site link, you will be taken to a screen to select backing up your website, database, or both. Regardless of whether your website is on WordPress or not, it is highly recommended that you always backup both the web application files and the database. Not only is it recommended that you do this, as we will do all in our power to ensure that you have a safety net or backup system in place, but it is recommended that you either use a service like Github or another backup service, such as DigitalOcean or Vultr backups, just to ensure multiple backups are being created.

"I have too many backups here." Said no one ever.

You can have too little backups, but you can never have enough backups.

And trust us, it is a far better problem to have too many backups than no backups at all.


  • RunCloud is a software that runs as a dashboard on your server.
  • RunCloud DOES NOT make backups of your data automatically.
  • RunCloud does not make a snapshot of your entire server -- each web application has its own backup operation that must be set manually.

General Backup Configuration

Store In

  • Backup Free (5 GB)
  • Backup Pro ($1/web application/monthly)
  • Backup Pro Storage
    • 50 GB @ $0/monthly
    • 100 GB @ $5/monthly
    • 200 GB @ $8/monthly
    • 500 GB @ $10/monthly
    • 1000 GB @ $20/monthly
    • 2000 GB @ $30/monthly
    • 3000 GB @ $35/monthly

Select Web Application

  • A list of your web applications to backup. You may choose one for each backup plan.

Site Label

  • This will help you identify the backup to your web application.

Backup Every

  • 30 minutes (Backup Pro)
  • 1 hour (Backup Pro)
  • 2 hours (Backup Pro)
  • 6 hours (Backup Pro)
  • 12 hours (Backup Pro)
  • 1 day (Free Plan/Backup Pro) (Recommended)
  • 3 days (Backup Pro)

Start Time

Choose a time when the RunCloud backup service should begin backing up your data.

Backup File Retention

  • 3 days (Free Plan/Backup Pro)
  • 1 week (Backup Pro) (Recommended)
  • 2 weeks (Backup Pro)
  • 1 month (Backup Pro)

Send notification to Email, Slack and/or Telegram when

  • Backup Success
  • Backup failed


  • Creates the backup plan for your web application.

Creating a backup instance for web application

To create backup instance for a Web Application, there are a few form fields that you need be to configure.

Creating backup instance for database

To create backup instance for a Database, there are a few form fields that you need to configure.

To create backup instance for Both, there are a few forms fields that you need to configure.