RunCloud Help

Aug 11, 2021

How to migrate server?

You may only transfer a server from account to account on RunCloud.

  1. Navigate to Settings on the menu.
  2. Scroll down to Transfer Server [Server Transfer ~ New RunCloud Dashboard 2021].
  3. Enter in the email address that will receive this server.

<div class="alert alert-danger"> The Slack Webhook URL, Telegram Notification, and Health Notification settings will be removed and must be re-activated on the new server. </div>

<div class="alert alert-danger"> Any backup instances will be deleted after the transfer is complete but will be moved to the Backup Archive. </div>

<div class="alert alert-danger"> It is best to remove SSL before transferring the server and re-add it once the transfer is complete. </div>

<div class="alert alert-danger"> If you have any Web Applications using Atomic Deployment, you need to remove these Web Applications from Atomic Deployment. </div>

<div class="alert alert-danger"> This server is only transferred via RunCloud and not on your official VPS host. </div>

Note: This feature is not available to Trial or Basic accounts.