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Nov 25, 2022

How to change web application settings?

This section contains two sections which are PHP Version selection and Web Server Setting.

PHP version

Here you can change your Web Application PHP version with just one click.

Web server configuration

The web server configuration consists of several section:

Public path

This is where you can change your web application public path. For example if you are using PHP framework, you can change your public path to /path/to/framework/public

Web application stack There are three stacks that you can choose from here.

  1. NGINX + Apache2 Hybrid Stack: Nginx works as a reverse proxy for Apache2. Unlike most setups, this stack doesn't fully proxy Apache2. Nginx is really best at serving static content. By using this stack, your static files (eg: css,js,images,fonts) will be served by Nginx. If it is PHP, Nginx will pass it to Apache2 and the request will be passed to PHP-FPM. This setup is great if you are leveraging .htaccess.

  2. Native NGINX Stack: Your sites will be fully controlled by Nginx. If it is PHP files, Nginx will pass it to FastCGI to communicate with PHP-FPM. This stack doesn't support .htaccess. If you are going to rewrite or include your own config, you can extend Nginx config by following this example.

  3. Native NGINX + Custom config Stack: Your sites will be fully controlled by Nginx. This stack will not serve your PHP file. You have to manually extend the config by following this example. This is suitable if you want to run nodejs/python/golang/websocket/ror/etc.

Web application stack mode There are two stack modes that you can choose from here.

  1. Production This will instruct visitors to your web application to cache static files (js/css/fonts/images/html) inside their browser.

  2. Development This will prevent the browser from caching your static files (js/css/fonts/images/html). Development mode does not prevent other caching methods such as Redis, Memcached or in-app caching.


This is the configuration for your Nginx block for the Web Application. Changing this value will have no effect on other Web Application that you own

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For the full documentation of what each feature does, please refer to the documentation.