Runcloud Referral Program

Want to spread a word about us? Earn $5 for each successful subscription.

How it works


Tell your friends about RunCloud
Each sign up, they will receive 15 days Pro usage if they subscribe to RunCloud
Earn $5 for each subscribed user you bring to us

Referral Program FAQ


You just need to login to RunCloud Panel and go to Referral section. Use your referral link to tell others about us.
If you friends signup under your link, you will receive 5 days free usage. This usage days will be effective on your next billing date. If your referred user continue their usage by subscribing to our plan, you will receive $5 from us
When people signup using your link, they will receive another 15 days of Pro usage if they subscribe to our plan. Thus, for the first time subscriber, they will receive 1 month and 20 days of usage for $10 (Monthly Pro Plan).
You will be paid by PayPal. We are using USD currency, so your PayPal need to add USD currency to your PayPal Account.
Minimum payout will be $30.
The referral link will expired after 1 month if there is no signup from the particular person.
As soon as your referred user start subscribing to us (when we charge them).

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