Looking for an alternative to ServerPilot?

You might want to take a look at the points below if you are still undecided whether to choose RunCloud or ServerPilot when it comes to cloud hosting.


RunCloud is best for both developers and businesses who are hosting multiple web apps or WordPress pages, price wise, as well as managing easily using a control panel.

RunCloud is best at:

  • Providing a concise dashboard, reducing the need to constantly SSH.

  • Keeping the operation cost down.

  • Automating tasks.

  • Providing instant server health notification.


Some people would feel more comfortable signing up with a company that has been around longer than other competitors. ServerPilot has been around since 2012 whereas RunCloud was founded in 2017.

Customers choose ServerPilot for

  • Developers who are more comfortable working with command lines rather than a control panel.

  • Notification on slow executing scripts so that PHP developers can improve the apps’ performance as soon as they can.

  • Minimal resource usage as the control panel is only for essential tasks.

Choosing between RunCloud and ServerPilot

If you are managing multiple pages and need to manage them daily, RunCloud is your best bet. They even have a dashboard interface for cron jobs. So for those who have time constraint or just do not wish to spend so much time on managing the servers using command lines, RunCloud provides excellent interface for ease of managing multiple servers of web pages on cloud.

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