Looking for an alternative to Laravel Forge?

So because you want to deploy your PHP servers mainly from a GIT repository, you have narrowed down your choices to 2; RunCloud and Laravel Forge.


RunCloud, although developed by PHP developers, also has the interest of those who do not possess much knowledge in PHP server configurations as RunCloud can easily help users to deploy PHP server with the best settings and tweaks, as well as deploying web applications with a few clicks, using a graphical user interface dashboard. Other than that,

  • RunCloud is also perfect for system administrators who want to monitor their servers’ and websites’ health. Not only that, any bad health notification can be sent to the person managing the server through email, Telegram or Slack.

  • RunCloud offers a Support Ticket System where the logged in user can track the progress of an ongoing issue as well as viewing the solutions or recommendations.

  • More cost effective as RunCloud has a free account and the paid account which starts at USD8 per month has more features being offered.

Laravel Forge

Laravel Forge, like RunCloud, was developed by PHP developers themselves but is mainly targeted to PHP developers who just want to quickly setup their servers on cloud hosting and get back to programming. So the dashboard is very basic and the user needs to be more proficient in command lines rather than just point and click. However,

  • There is not much on server health information. But you can integrate with some third party apps for application performance monitoring and log analysis.

  • As for support, they only have email support available which can be submitted from their website.

  • Laravel Forge does not offer free tier account. They start at USD12 per month but they do come with a 5 day free trial.

Choosing between RunCloud and Laravel Forge

So, if you are looking for a tool that can offer excellent support as well monitoring, apart from having a feature-rich dashboard to easily manage your servers or WordPress pages, RunCloud is the better choice for the reasons above.

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