RunCloud Help

Nov 17, 2020

Get started with RunCloud


Looking for great automated server management? RunCloud is a step towards autonomy and control over your own servers, giving you access to install multiple websites, easy database setup, enhanced security measures, and automatic updates.

RunCloud serves as a control panel that offers one-click solutions to common tasks including web deployment with Git, script installation to install common Content Management Systems, and provides the most optimized server stack including Nginx, Apache, Redis, MariaDB, Memcached, and more.

Step 1: Sign up with a VPS

RunCloud works with any VPS so you are not limited to our choosing.

Step 2: Deploy a new server

To get started deploying your server, log into the control panel of your VPS and Deploy a server.

  1. Select a hostname and description for your server
  2. Select the location of your server
  3. Select the size of your server
  4. Select Ubuntu 18.04 as your server's operating system
  5. Deploy!

These are usually the standard steps but may vary depending on your web host.

Step 3: Sign up with RunCloud

Register for an account on RunCloud. Click SIGN UP on the home page to begin. Enter your credentials to create an account. Once done, you will need to verify your email address and then you may login.

Step 4: Connect a server to RunCloud

Click on Connect a New Server.

  1. Enter in the name of the server, which can be any name you want to give it.
  2. Enter the IP address of the server.
  3. Enter in a Server Provider, which is optional, such as where the server actually is.
  4. Click Add this server.
  5. Enter in the root password.
  6. Click on Start the installation.

The installation process will begin and takes about 5 to 10 minutes. You will see status updates as everything downloads and installs automatically. When everything is finished, you will see a screen with your root password, which you can save for later, or find it in the details of your web host.